Saxophone Player - Saxophonist

Saxophone Player - Saxophonist

A Woodwind Instrument

Saxophone is commonly referred as the sax that is generally made of brass. It is a woodwind instrument which is played with a single reed mouthpiece. Well most of the saxophones are usually made from brass and thus categorized as woodwind instruments. They are called woodwind instrument because sound is produced by an oscillating reed and traditionally made out of woody cane. Rather than lips vibrating in the mouthpiece cup, they are produced by an oscillating reed as with the brass instrument family. Famous saxophone players cover the holes of sax by pressing keys and uncovers as well with the same technique.

A Melody Instrument of Indian classical

Mostly used in the Indian classical music as a solo and melody instrument and sometime as a horn section in style of rock and roll popular music. Saxophone player is also known as saxophonist in India.

Best Saxophone Player in India

Despite the fact, getting the best and famous saxophone artist who can make an enjoyable atmosphere can be a daunting task. But here at Shehnai Waden, we have a pool of experienced male or female saxophonist for wedding. However, signing up a Saxophone Artist India, Jazz Saxophonist, Saxophone Jazz Player, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone for wedding, events, parties, or any other function is still classy as the saxophone quartet band can give a perfect background to any function by playing well-known songs. So if you want to embellish your wedding by some famoussaxophone female artist, you can hire us.

Saxophone Duo Band Saxophonist for Wedding

Shehnai Waden is not just a brand in India; it's a signature of excellence in the wedding management industry as we provide a wide range of instrumental band saxophone along with wondrous saxophonists and musicians to perform at many events across the country.

Saxophone artist in Delhi

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