Banna Bani Geet

Banna Bani Geet

Tel Baan

This is a ritual performed by the groom and bride in their respective homes; it can either be a day before or on the morning of the wedding ceremony depending on the auspicious time given by the pandit. The bride and groom are prepared for the wedding by all their relatives. Generally only the women of the families participate in this ceremony. Following ingredients including pure vegetable oils, fresh milk curds, henna and turmeric are made into a paste and applied on the face, arms and feet of the bride and groom by their close family members. This symbolizes the cleansing and preparation of one’s mind, body and soul before embarking upon the path of marriage. The groom and bride are then taken for a bath.


The auspicious day, which is decided after consulting with the priest and the almanac, the mother of the bride and groom, reaches her parent's home to invite her parents and their close relatives. She also invites her grandparents. The presence of the maternal grandparents of the bride and groom is very important as they are considered important contributors to the wedding celebrations.

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