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Punjabi Ladies Sangeet Singers in Delhi

Tappe: Tappe originated from the Punjabi folk songs of Punjab. It is a form of Indian semi-classical vocal music. Its specialty is a rolling pace based on fast, subtle and knotty construction. Its tunes are melodious and sweet, and depict the emotional outbursts of a lover. As same with the Boliya or Bolis, they are couplets that are sung in Punjab.

Boliya: A Boli expresses typical situations and emotions. Usually boliya is sung and introduced by one woman, and then the other girls form a chorus. Punjabi Boliya has been passed from one generation to the next. They are sung in Punjabi households on any occasion that needs celebrating particularly the weddings or birthdays.

Jaggo Dance: Jaggo literally means “wake-up”. This is traditionally held on the night before the wedding day but some families pick to keep a day in between to recover. On this day/night, relatives of the bride or groom would go around the village on the night before the wedding day with pots on their head while singing and dancing as an open invitation to attend the wedding.

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