Bagpiper Band - Pipers

Bagpiper Band - Pipers

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Origin of Bagpiper Band

The Bagpiper Band was first established in Scottish regiments. It began life in the military which has now gained worldwide respect for its usage especially in Scottish military and pipe bands. The dress of Bagpiper indebted to specific full dress wearing means this full dress outfit are decorated by completely designed shirts, bodice, and jackets. Sometimes head-wear also be worn along with clan badges and other device as well that indicates heritage. These dresses all contribute to the spectacle of the piper wearing classic outfit.

A Musical Ensemble

Bagpiper Band is a musical ensemble consists of Pipes and Drums in which the section of pipers playing the musical highland bagpipe whereas the entire section of drum collectively known as the drum crops. Bagpiper Band is a long standing tradition in some areas like Military Marching Band in India.

Bagpiper Band in Baraat Procession and Welcome

As we all know that, Baraat processions are a must in Indian wedding. Today, bagpiper band is the new trend in Indian wedding which is all fun and entertaining. It makes the Baraat such a perfect part of the wedding celebrations. At Shehnai Waden, we are providing the most famous Bagpiper Band for Baraat procession and welcome ceremony.

Bagpiper Band Booking

Our world class Bagpiper Band have over thousand performances in India from famous festivals in the North to the cultural programs in the South and all the way up to the famous functions from East to West. Today, we have become renowned around in India as being the Best Bagpipe Band for Wedding with style and discipline.

Famous Bagpipe Band for Hire

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Pipe Bands near me

You could send us your basic requirements and a right specialist of Shehnai Waden will get in touch with you. If you are looking for one of the best event planners that provide the best Bagpiper Band for wedding, reception, corporate events, and military functions then you are at the right place. In case you have any query, feel free to contact Shehnai Waden.