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A box shaped musical instrument

Accordion is the family of box shaped musical instrument referred to as a squeezebox. This musical instrument is played by compressing and expanding again and again the bellows while pressing the buttons or keys on it that cause pallets to open and further allow air to flow across strips of brass called reeds. This musical instrument is widely spread across the world. This instrument create sound when air generated by the movement of the bellows and flows around the same that cause them to vibrate. This instrument was constructed first in the early 19th century and Accordions were used in the Indian film music between 1950 and 1970. Today it continues to evolve into a more versatile musical instrument.

History of Accordion in India

Despite the fact, the accordion did not originate in India but it was invented first in Paris in 1842 by a French inventor named Alexandre Debain. During the mid 19th century that is 1950, accordion was introduced to India often through travelling missionaries. As it was introduced, it caught many attentions of Indian musicians. It is one of the most commonly used instruments in India. During 1950, it was introduced in the Hindi film industry in a song "Ek Bewafa Se Pyar Kiya" and from there; it spread all over the country. Today, accordion finds a place in music of all kinds including folk, semi-classical or even high reputed Indian classical music.

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